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Do you love to sing ?
Do you want to hang with some very cool people?
Do you want to have fun?
Do you want to keep music in your life?

Thoughts from the risers:

"I love being a part of Vocal- Motion because of fantastic friends, excellent vocal training and fun." Nicole B.

"VoMo's Director is the most amazing leader, she never runs out of ideas how to make us better singers." Marta W.

"I love being a part of such a great group of talent who share my joy, love and passion for singing- a group of dynamic women that are also supportive to help get you where you need to be. I'm proud to be part of them." Tracy P. (one of the many CHAMPIONS!!)

"Vocal-Motion is more than a chorus. It's a creative space, a gathering of amazing women, and a place to unwind, laugh, and grow. I never imagined I'd make such great friends and grow so much as a person on account of singing with VoMo. Caroline is an amazing, inspiring director that continually pushes us to be our best. I'm so grateful that this lovely group of women and music has come in to my life." Lisa C

"I love being a part of Vocal-Motion because of the comraderie of the fellow singers, the challenge of learning and performing the music and the charisma of the director. This trifecta keeps me coming back for more! Heather H

"SInging with Vocal-Motion is great. I love singing with such talented, inspiring, and energetic women." Lydia V